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Divorce Mediation via Video Conferencing

Divorce for a fraction of the emotional and financial cost of litigation  

During the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond, you can mediate the terms of your divorce under the guidance of an experienced licensed attorney who will serve as your divorce mediator, or who can serve as your advisor if you are mediating elsewhere with a different lawyer. 

It is possible to remain right where you are while looking into the future of where you want to be when your divorce is over.  Whether the pandemic is surging, mutating, or disappearing, virtual mediation saves time, avoids travel, and keeps you where you are safest: at home.  Let me show you how.  


The Divorce Mediation Offices of Attorney Ellen Plasil is a full service divorce mediation law firm. By choice, my firm’s exclusive area of practice is divorce law, applied in two ways: either as an attorney-mediator for you and your spouse, or as a “review counsel” or “review lawyer" for just one of you if you are in mediation elsewhere. 

With more than 30 years of divorce law experience, first as a divorce lawyer in the courtroom, and then as an attorney-mediator and review-lawyer for the last twenty-plus years, I am able to offer clients the benefit of a solid legal foundation on which to mediate their divorce, or to advise and guide one client alone in his or her participation in someone else’s mediation process.  As a licensed attorney, I am also able to prepare all of the legal documents that will be needed in the divorce process, including the Separation Agreement.  

When I serve as the mediator, I treat each couple as unique. No two families are exactly alike or need exactly the same kind of guidance. The same is true when I serve as review counsel. Regardless of the capacity in which I am asked to serve, the goal is always the same: to get my clients to a fair and legal outcome in the most cost-effective, sensitive, and professional manner possible.    

Each attorney has his or her own style of mediating, as well as his or her own approach to the job of serving as review counsel.  The purpose of this website is to introduce myself to you, to explain my approach to the job of attorney-mediator and to the job of review counsel, and to provide an initial sense of whether my style may fit (or not) with your own style and agenda.  If I have made even a small dent in that endeavor with this website, then I have accomplished my first job.

Your first job, as you prepare to embark on an unknown path, is to find an attorney-mediator that is a good fit for both you and your spouse, or to find a review lawyer who is a good fit for you alone. If you have read this far, you are taking your first job seriously.  But I can only provide you with so much information on a website page, and a page, at that, that can be written only from my side of the mediation table, the mediator’s side.  So I invite you to review the entire website - including the parts that give you the perspectives of some of my former clients who can tell you more about who I am from their side of the table, the client’s side.  One such perspective is re-printed below (with the client’s permission) and mirrors very well what I always try to achieve in my mediation sessions.  That is why I am including it as part of this introductory page.  Do not read it for its compliments; but rather, read it for its articulation of how I do the job I am hired to do.  What this client took away from mediation is exactly what I always try to bring to it.   

If you are considering mediation as the vehicle for your divorce, or just want to ask some preliminary procedural questions, I hope you will give me a call. We cannot discuss your particular circumstances over the phone, but you may inquire about appointment availability, fees, or any other procedural issue on your mind. You will always speak directly with me, and there is never a charge for the phone inquiry.  

Thanks for visiting. 

Ellen Plasil

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The following was posted on YELP and and is re-printed here with the client’s permission.

While I don't wish divorce on anyone, if both parties choose that route and decide on mediation, I highly recommend that you consider hiring Ellen Plasil.  Her commitment to the case, concern for all parties and requisite skills are top notch and you couldn't possibly be in better hands.

My ex-husband and I retained the mediation services of Ellen Plasil in August of 2014. Prior  to choosing her as our mediator in the summer of 2014, I researched several other mediators in the area, and during our initial telephone conversation, I found Attorney Plasil’s demeanor to be knowledgeable, professional, respectful and incredibly warm.  The services she offered were all inclusive and her rates were on par with all of the other mediators that I researched.  Further, I received several referrals for her services.  In short, choosing Ellen Plasil as our mediator, was a no brainer. 

Attorney Plasil approached every meeting we had with her, with sensitivity and sincerity, and brought incredible awareness and insight to the unique legal issues we brought to the table.  She immediately put us both at ease with her kind, warm, and funny personality.  We even had several moments of levity during tense times (which I know is hard to believe, but it’s true).  Her knowledge of divorce law and her impeccable work ethic stood out at every session.  Most important was her need to be fair to both parties.  She never took sides and was extremely fair when it came to working on finances and splitting assets and I know for a fact that my ex would echo my sentiments.

Ms. Plasil took all of our distinctive issues into account when drafting our settlement agreement and even went so far as to include our dog into the agreement, which was a relief to both of us.  She didn’t miss a single detail.

I simply cannot recommend Ellen Plasil highly enough!  She is caring, kind, thoughtful, thorough, extremely knowledgeable and goes out of her way to be fair and sensitive to all parties involved.   The fact is, she is an absolute pleasure to be around, can make a person laugh during trying times and is just one of the most amazing people I have ever met.  We lucked out when we chose her as a mediator.  She is simply the best.   I can actually say that I miss having sessions with her (and that says a lot!).  

Susanne S.
Monroe, CT
January 2016

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